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2019 Winter Show

Show Report

Submitted by Clayton Botkin

On November 23, 2019, we hosted our annual Winter Show at Abbotsford Ag-Rec.  This year, we had an entry of 415 birds from 38 exhibitors from across BC and some who made the trek from Alberta!  We appreciate the efforts of all those who came out this year and supported our show!  Below is a list of our winners.  Thank you to all those who stepped up to help out in making the show a success, including our sponsors and donors. 


  • American Poultry Association District Meet
  • American Bantam Association Special Meet
Bird Photo Gallery (Click to enlarge)
Show Ch, Ch Landfowl, Ch Bantam, Ch Feather Legged - Black Cochin H Joe M Res Show Ch, Res Landfowl, Res Bantam, Ch OEG - Black Old English H Joe M
Ch Large Fowl, Ch American - Rhode Island Red H Patricia A Res Large Fowl, Ch English - Austalorps K Ramona T
Ch Waterfowl, Ch Duck, Ch Bantam Duck - East Indies YDR Bruce B Res Waterfowl, Ch Goose, Ch Heavy Goose - Embden OGR Crystal M
Show Ch by a Junior, Ch Junior Waterfowl, Res Bantam Duck - White Call ODR Angus T Res Show Ch by a Junior, Ch Junior Bantam - SC Rhode Island Red P Bodhi B
Ch Junior Large Fowl - White Sultan P Elizabeth N Res Junior Large Fowl - Light Sussex H Gemma G
Res Duck, Ch Light Duck - Black & White Magpie ODR Matthew S Res Goose, Ch Light Goose - Roman Tufted OG Suzin C
Class Champions
Ch AOCCL - Ko Shamo K Heather H Res AOCCL - Black Sumatra K L&M Poultry
Res Feather Legged - Black Langshans P LeVerne S Res Old English Game - Black H Joe M
Ch Modern Game - Birchen P Heather H Res Modern - Brown Red P Heather H
Ch RCCL - Black Wyandotte P Heather H Res RCCL - Black Wyandotte P Heather H
Ch SCCL - White Leghorn H Joe M Res SCCL - New Hampshires P Joe M
Res Junior Waterfowl - White Call ODU Angus T Ch Heavy Duck - Silver Appleyard YDU Matthew S
Res Heavy Duck - Silver Appleyard YDU Matthew S Res Light Duck - White Runner YDU Angela Z
Res American - SC Rhode Island Red K Bob G Ch Asiatic - Black Langshan P Mary Lou D
Res Asiatic - Buff Cochin P Yvonne C Ch Continental - Sliver Spangled Hamburg P Callum M
Res English - Buff Orpington P Sue J Res Continental - Silver Spangled Hamburg K Callum M
Ch Mediterranean - SC White Leghorn L&M Poultry Res Mediterranean - SC Light Brown Leghorn Heather H
Ch AOSB - Black Ameraucana P Dawn W Res AOSB - Black Ameraucana K Dawn W

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